Tondini Winery

A lifestyle chosen through passion and tradition

Tenute Tondini. In 2004, after 15 years of experience as a winemaker, Orlando Tondini founded the Tondini Winery. The main objective is to produce high quality grapes and wines. The company operates in Alta Gallura, in Calangianus, in the San Leonardo area, in Vermentino’s undisputed kingdom. The production is one of the most valued Italian oenological specialities, even on an international level.

Uve Vermentino Tondini

Tondini Winery is among the most well-known wineries existing. Renowned and respected for the very best production of valuable, niche wines. Passion, tradition, hard work and love of the land are the family’s key points. The company, in order to produce quality wines, pays attention to the management of its precious vineyards, owned by the family, above all else. In the Tondini family, we are convinced that a great wine begins in the vineyard, with the best grapes.

the quality of our wines

is our main concern

The grapes, expertly combined with the family’s experience and passion, give rise to wines which are unique in their kind. Valuable wines with great character, born from the deepest traditions, which evoke the memory of the lands where they were born.
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