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Care and love for the vineyards

The vineyard covers an area of 26 hectares, mainly dedicated to Vermentino vine. Part of the cultivation is destined to Nebbiolo, Cannonau, Sangiovese, Carignano, Cagnulari and Moscato. Most of the vineyards are over 25 years old. Soil which originates from a granite decay and the climate are unique in the world. .The temperature, which ranges up to 25°C between day and night-time, preserves and enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes. Wine territory.

Choosing to produce quality wines implies belonging to a niche market. Wine production is limited due to the surface area. Constantly searching for quality, especially in the vineyard management, because we believe that a great wine is made with great grapes. In the winery, we merely exalt the fruit of the great sacrifices in the vineyard. Contact us for information on our products, which are valued and enjoyed worldwide. Book a tasting in the winery!

the quality of our wines

is our main concern

The grapes, expertly combined with the family’s experience and passion, give rise to wines which are unique in their kind. Valuable wines with great character, born from the deepest traditions, which evoke the memory of the lands where they were born.
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