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Tondini Winery’s production is based on fine wine, six products, all of which are of great depth and quality. The uniqueness and organoleptic characteristics make them appreciated all over the world. Our wines are created in steel barrels, with some subsequently aged in French oak barrels. The wines produced on the Tondini estates have the scent and strength belonging to Sardinia, a difficult and equally magnificent land. Taste them all, prepare yourself for an extraordinary sensory experience.

The grapes are harvested entirely by hand, as per strict tradition. Our six specialities are born from sacrifice and hard work in the vineyard:

  • the Siddaju, IGT from the Limbara hills;
  • the Taroni, IGT from Isola dei Nuraghi;
  • the Karagnanj, Vermentino di Gallura DOCG superiore;
  • the Katala, Vermentino di Gallura DOCG superiore;
  • the Lajcheddu, IGT from Isola dei Nuraghi;
  • the Karagnanj brut, quality sparkling wine.






Karagnanj Brut

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